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The world of Trusts:

Beyond our specialty, it is our passion.

Who we are

We are a law firm specialized in the world of trusts and relevant areas of application in the current legislation, covering all legal, administrative and fiduciary aspects in the structuring, organization and operation of the businesses and strategies where this interesting figure is implemented.

Why work with us?

Our value offering

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The interests of our clients:

Our priority

  • We timely identify the legal needs of the business before agreeing to make a contribution in a Trust scheme.

  • We monitor the interests of the clients we represent before the rest of the parties and the fiduciary itself.

  • We are aware of the importance of confidentiality and due secrecy of the matters in which we participate.

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We manage processes between the fiduciary and all the parties involved in the trust

  • We are well aware of the trust market (products, trends, internal policy and strengths)

  • Availability and short response times (early coordination and management)

  •  We support the fiduciaries in keeping up-to-date the records of the trusts as required by the applicable legislation


We know how to work as a team

  • We contribute with our knowledge in the field to collaborate with other expert advisors of the client. (tax experts, accountants, specialists, notaries, etc.)

  •  We combine efforts in order to maintain a harmonious and efficient relationship with the fiduciaries.

  •  We focus in the concerns of our clients.

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