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  • Dissemination of the trust agreement

Profesor de conferencias en el escenario
  • Conferences and workshops

  • Diploma programs, seminars

  • Municipal cadastres and government entities

  • Universities

  • Entrepreneurs and family business forums

  • Training for banking institution staff,

  • SOFOMES, notaries, brokers and law firms

At CLF Consultoría Legal y Fiduciaria we understand that the trust is considered by some as a complex, bureaucratic and expensive figure; however, throughout our years of experience using it as an efficient means of solution and prevention of conflicts in different fields of action for the company and for the businessman; our commitment is to spread the figure of the trust by explaining in detail the process starting by its meaning to the most specific detail of its application. 

We have also developed training programs for fiduciary institutions throughout the country that allow new trust officers the execution of the tasks entrusted in the trust contracts in its client portfolio; as well as the implementation of the internal institutional policies to the applicable legislation in force. 

  • Fiduciary Business Structuring, monitoring and operation


Our objective is to achieve the true "Tailor-made". This implies adding our years of experience in the fiduciary field to design and create the best Legal - Fiduciary - Operational and estate organization scheme to turn it into true solutions FOR the client, always in the hands of experts in tax matters, accountants or those advisors necessary according to the subject matter of the trust estate.

This includes:

  • Structuring of tailor-made trust schemes in coordination with the advisors of confidence of the client (tax consultants, accountants, lawyers, etc.).

  •  In case we do not have the required advisors for the specific case, we rely on the specialists of our network of allied firms.

  •  Search and selection of the fiduciary institution able to provide the required service.

  •  Coordination, quotation of fiduciary services.

  •  Review of property records and design of action plans prior to the trust contribution.

  • Structuring of the DIEF * according to the criteria of the chosen fiduciary. 

  •  Preparation and/or coordination of previous contracts. 

  •  Preparation and coordination of trust contract drafts.

  •  Coordination of execution of trust agreements before notary publics.

  •  Follow-up of deeds and post-signature procedures, if applicable.

  •  Advice on the operation of the trust.

*DIEF - Trust File Structuring Documents

  • Our interaction with fiduciary institutions

Consulta fiscal


"Not all trusts fit with all fiduciaries, nor are all fiduciaries fit for all trust schemes"


At CLF Consultoría Legal y Fiduciaria we seek to ensure that the trust scheme that we have designed for our clients is suitable for their needs; therefore, we take on the task of knowing the internal policies of acceptance and operation of trust businesses of the best fiduciary institutions in the Mexican market, in order to find the one that provides accurate and efficient support to our business schemes.  

The fact that we are not "brokers" of the fiduciary institutions, but we are aware of their internal structure, weaknesses and strengths, allows us to have the freedom to offer the client several options to choose from. 

In this area, we also seek a transcendental point: the balance between operational efficiency and cost for the fiduciary service. 

Therefore, we work with the best fiduciary institutions of the country, always working together to close the trust business and its operation in the most harmonious, clear and useful way in the benefit of our clients' interests.

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